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What Great Stories Are Made Of

All stories are great stories. There is no such thing as a boring story. But like the human body, all great stories are composed of tiny details that combine to make the story great. Characters As kids, we somehow dreamt of being the main character in a movie. Some...

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All Stories are Great Stories

What do book readers, movie goers and comic book people have in common? All of these people love great stories. The stories of Superman and Batman came from the comic books. Stories of the great detective Alex Cross come from the books and of course, the great mind of...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story

Everyone of us is a natural storyteller. We tell our partners how our day turns out. We tell our friends where we tasted the best burger we had. We tell our family about our recent promotion at work. There are many other stories that we share. In fact, there are...

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