I can’t wait to go to the next retreat! I have found my new tribe of friends that I will have for a lifetime. There is so much support and idea sharing. I finally get to see the world (and i was able to write it off) I was stuck in a workaholic life as I didn’t realize I was just so lonely as i had already raised my kids and they were busy living their lives. Now I am travelling around the globe learning more about being in the space of a healer. I had no idea that the real journey was to heal myself first and then I would be initiated into an ancient calling which totally makes sense as to why I chose this field of work.  I have lost 23 pounds, My co-workers can’t believe the change in me which is affecting my field nurses under me and now productivity has increased just by me being filled with this incredible loving light and all the stress has literally just flown away like an old memory…my staff are much happier and more patients are even calling with happy words about them. Wow… just wow…

Jacqueline C, RN Quality Control

I never would have gotten out of the country for the first time if It was not for Niki! she alleviated all my worries about going over seas for the first time…  she is truly a revolutionary for the nurses and people in the healthcare/care giver business. What I learned, I will use for the rest of my life and nursing career. I now have a process and a mission to be a change in the industry that helps other nurses “get their lives back on track”  No more giving until I drop. Now I can take care of myself and my diet and mindset has completely changed. I learned WHY I am really in this career and how there is a Universal law set in motion that all of us HEALERS knew in ancient times…but we forgot our missions. Using what I now know,  this is how the home health industry will better thrive as the nurses get healthier and happier !  I guess that is what Gandhi meant when he said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Sarah M, RN Case Manager St Joseph's Home Health

Thank you Thank you Thank you is all I can say! You have completely changed my outlook on life! I was so sick and tired of the way I was treated by my agency. I saw so many sad cases where the insurance just would not pay for my patients needs and I worked all day only to come home and do Oasis charting all night and go to work exhausted again.. I wanted to just quit nursing altogether but I didn’t have any other training. When I met Niki, she turned my world upside down. I never knew before how every single thing I did actually set in motion a cause and effect reaction that played a larger part of how the health care industry and all the other disciplines like us nurses and PT, OT, ST, MSW would evolve. I now know I MUST change myself in order for the agency I work for to change. Once we all implement this, and get away while doing it, healthcare will evolve and we can really make a difference in people’s lives in a really profound way. I am  feeling joyous, healthy and a new found sense of total freedom! I can’t wait to tell everybody I know about Healing The Nurse!!!

Noori K, RN Instructor Kaiser

I call it the worst year of my life. Jan 8, 2002,I suffered the loss of my ailing father.There are no words for such loss…only emptiness and turmoil.
January 13th my closest friend gave up all hope in her pit of despair and ended the pain she could no longer face. And I was left once again with loss and emptiness and children who could never comprehend. How could I care for those around me when I could feel nothing?
February 29, only 12 days after my father’s death, my husband suffered a massive heart attack. He lived, but was forever altered, as was I. I had to keep going. But how? In the midst of my anguish, I became his caretaker, but I was not my own. Months later, he walked away from our home and our kids. Pain upon pain. For me, I was a walking empty shell. I was lost…. and then my very good friend stepped into my path to support me and walk embracing me until I could one day walk alone. Her caring helped give me the wind in my sails. Sometimes to get well, emotionally, mentally and physically, you need a reset button. My reset button was a retreat like no other. This amazing and caring friend, Niki, took me away to Mexico where I was able to step out of my life enough to reflect and begin to heal. We traveled to a serene beach where we relaxed allowing the sun’s rays to warm our bodies and begin to open my mind. I knew that I wanted to feel again, I just needed to know that I would be okay when I did. Countless hours of poolside relaxation, tea, yoga mats, nourishing our bodies, and reflection gave way to inner strength and healthy life planning… it was the shift I needed to happen that possibly saved my own life. Dr. Sarah

Dr. Sarah, Los Angeles