What do book readers, movie goers and comic book people have in common? All of these people love great stories. The stories of Superman and Batman came from the comic books. Stories of the great detective Alex Cross come from the books and of course, the great mind of James Patterson. How about Star Wars? Would you agree that this film is a great film? Even television series that last for years are considered great because of the quality of stories that they show the audience.

Greatness, as well as Beauty, is in the Eye of the Beholder

Have you ever wondered why there are different movie genres? Different genres appeal to different people. What you might think to be boring or extreme fascinates other people. This is also true with life stories. Your story is neither boring nor dull. Your story is great because it is great. You don’t have to spice it up. It is great just the way it is.

Big or Small, All Stories Have Life Lessons that are Worth Sharing

Social media has been a very effective tool for sharing a random encounter with a stranger which turned out to be a great story. What make these stories great and even shareable? The simple life lessons that these stories bring.

Today is the right time to share your story. There is no better time to share your story than today. Not tomorrow, not next week, today. Great stories need an audience. The audience needs you to start setting up your telesummit and reach out to them. The world is blessed by your presence. The world is blessed with your life. Share your stories to the world and let the world be inspired by your stories.