About Me


I have been a Registered Nurse and Hospice Nurse for over 20 years. After seeing and experiencing the complete exhaustion of healthcare workers in hospitals and in home health and the extent of the poor care we give ourselves as well as all of the policy changes making it harder to do our jobs, I felt called to do my part in making a difference. I was so saddened seeing the Nurses, Doctors and Caregivers trying to care others while remaining SICK, STUCK and Nearly Dead that I felt called to create HEALING RETREATS in AMAZING LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD specific to my vision of “HEALING THE HEALERS.”

I have gathered some of the worlds most amazing healers to help Healthcare Professionals, AND those who are called, to heal themselves “quickly” as we are in an energy shift on the planet and the Suffering NEED US NOW!  If your spirit is calling to you like mine is, then there’s no time to lose. We’re calling all light workers and YOU are one.